Choosing the right training program

When deciding what type of program is right for our athletes we consider factors such as:

  • Sport
  • Training age/experience
  • Time of season
  • Strengths/weaknesses
  • Insight from Testing

Time of season

When it comes to time of season, many of our youth athletes have nearly year-round seasons, so the window of opportunity to make big changes is narrow, but critical. After assessing Jasper all spring we wanted to take the one good month he had off from a hectic soccer year and address STRENGTH. Well, two weeks into his Strength based program he’s gotten stronger AND he ran a personal best 20.02 MPH, up over 1 MPH from a month ago. This also made him our first High School Athlete to break the 20 MPH mark. 

Jasper with his PR

Insight from testing

We also use our daily performance tests to gain insight as to what an athlete NEEDS. For example, one version of our jump test (detailed here) tells us whether an athlete needs more strength or plyometric/ explosive work. With Catie’s test the SSC% difference dictated more plyometric work would be valuable. After spending the last month performing plyometric heavy programs, she’s added 1 MPH to her top speed and heads of to start her college season in peak shape!

These types of decisions are what separate our TRAINING from simply “working out” and a large part of the reason we’ve seen such great results.

Catie’s plyos (left), Rylan’s jump test (right)

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