Use it or Lose it – Max Velocity

The concept of “Residual training effects” forms the foundation for block periodization. This is a training system that focuses on maximizing a singular adaptation at a time. Meaning a strength block would be designed to maximize strength, while leaving other physical characteristics on the side. Obviously, most athletes need a balance of all these qualities. The secret in block periodization lies in the timing.

The chart above shows how many days an athlete can go without training a specific ability before losing the prior gains. So a well timed program will enable an athlete to build strength and retain it while consequently building power and speed. We’d want all the qualities present for competition, then we’d cycle back through for the next. That’s great in theory, and works for the Olympic athletes it was designed for, but we’re working with year round athletes, unpredictable schedules, and a host of variables,

The main takeaway: SPEED retention has a shelf life of 2-8 days, so lets say 1 week. That means going any longer between speed work could set an athlete back in their progress. This only reinforces my commitment to exposing our athletes to max velocity work every single week and frankly, making it our number 1 priority when it comes to training.

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