Match Fit participants increase speed, with many adding over 1 MPH to their max velocity, taking the field faster than ever before.



Match Fit participants across the region have been recognized with All Conference honors in each of the last 3 years.



Match Fit participants missed <1 game on average last season, staying healthy and showing tremendous resilience.

Summer Soccer Training Program

Join our elite training environment designed to have you entering your preseason in top shape. Build speed, power, and strength in the weight room while staying sharp on the field through sessions designed to maximize touches on the ball and soccer-specific fitness.

For select high school juniors, seniors and collegiate players.
Consists of 5 training sessions per week - 3 weight room sessions and 2 field sessions
Weight room sessions Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7 - 8:30am
Field sessions Tuesday/Thursday 7-8:30am
Runs 8 weeks from June 17th - August 9th
Cost: $660

Want to know if Match Fit is right for you?  Give us a call or email Coach Jake at