Targeted In Season Training

The vast majority of sports, be it football, volleyball, soccer, etc. offer athletes an extraordinarily high number of exposures to sport specific, submaximal efforts. This means athletes undergo resistances, jumps, and running speeds of less than their absolute, 100% ability. This isn’t to say they’re not trying 100%, it’s simply recognizing that when incorporating the cognitive, reactionary and unpredictable demands of sport it’s extremely rare to find moments when you can reach that maximal intensity.

You may recall from an earlier IG Post, I spoke about the importance of providing new and novel stimuli to avoid plateauing performances. Think of your sport as providing a large piece of the stimuli puzzle, but recognize there are simply things sports can’t, or are unlikely to provide. That’s where our in season training regiment comes in. We work with athletes and their schedules to ensure we are giving them the missing pieces to the puzzle while avoiding piling on more of the same stress they already get from their sport.

Heavy In Season Strength Training

Better yet, in season training, focused on maximal efforts and intent fits so well with our philosophy of “make it count“. Where we already like to keep things short and sweet, high quality bursts of effort aimed to improve explosiveness, power, and speed (not something you’re typically getting during 90-120 minute practices). With this approach we can compliment your sport performance while avoiding any issues of fatigue or overtraining.

So, talk to your RSP coach, let them know your sport schedule and when you plan to come see us. This information allows us to tailor the correct program for you. Then, it’s important you communicate with your coaches on a day to day basis, explaining how you feel in terms of readiness, fatigue, bangs or bruises from game day. We take all this into account and keep you sharp throughout the year, leaving nothing up to chance!

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